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What to Expect While Staying at the Shelter

  • All residents are expected to work toward obtaining appropriate housing. 
  • Residents who are not disabled are expected to seek employment. 
  • Weekly, sometimes daily, progress is reported to the Shelter Manager.
  • Residents are expected to participate in daily living activities (make bed, keep room clean, do laundry, etc.) while maintaining proper   hygiene: shower daily, wear clean clothes, etc.
  • Residents are expected to show respect to other residents, Shelter Managers and Shelter property.
  • Dinner is provided each evening. Breakfast and lunch items are available to prepare or pack for the day.
  • The Shelter is a tobacco free zone. This includes smoking, smokeless tobacco, and vaping.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are not permitted in or on Shelter property.

Shelter Hours

The Shelter is open from 7 p.m. – 8 a.m. every day.

Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, military status, criminal back-ground (except in cases of arson and sexual predation), gender identification, or sexual orientation.